Sunday, August 19, 2007

A New Informative Support Group With LOTS Of Potential!!

OUR REVENGE is a social networking site where men and women from around the world can share their horrible dating experiences with each other.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ModelsByMalique's Model Of The Month!!

Fake Photographer Charged With Raping Models Found On

Fake Photographer Charged With Raping Models Found Online

WSVN TV News is reporting the arrest of a former Miami Beach police officer for the rape of at least two female models in Miramar, Florida.

Officials there say that 36-year-old Lavont Flanders Jr. lured beautiful young models by posing as a photographer and promising them a part in a commercial. He arranged to meet the models at a Miramar warehouse located at 3590 State Road 7, where he would drug and then sexually assault them.

The investigation is on-going, as Flanders may have preyed on multiple victims. "We are investigating five cases of sexual battery on a victim that has been incapacitated," explained Dale Robertson of the Miramar Police Department.

"What has happened is these young women would post their information and pictures and stuff on a website called and our suspect would go to this website and pick his victims off this website."

ModelLaunch recently published an article called "Modeling Scams & The Casting Couch Part One: Problem Photographers which warned models "Some problem photographers may even resort to drugging models by slipping Viagra, date-rape drugs (Roofies) or worse into their drink."

According to the writer, ModelLaunch Editor Sean Bickerton: "The best advice I can give novices is to take a friend (not your jealous boyfriend or girlfriend - that kills a shoot) along with you the first time you shoot with any photographer you encounter over the internet.

"No good photographer should object to you bringing a friend along to your first shoot if you advise them in advance. Bottom-feeders will always object. So, take someone along the first time. And if you're under 18, I strongly recommend that a parent, guardian or agent be with you at every photo shoot if you don't know the photographer."